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Provide reflection & annotation data to converter code


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.1
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      While trying to implement a workaround to accomplish XSTR-405, I found no way for the code in a marshal method to access the annotations associated with the field/value that is being converted.

      If this were possible, then it would be easy for developers to attach their own annotations and read them from the code that would convert a given class, without having to provide their own top-level converter.

      It may seem like @XStreamConverter is an out here, but it offers no mechanism for providing per-use data values – and I don't think it could.

      That is, you could not have (and would not want):

      @XStreamConverter(class=MyClassConverter.class, customTweak=true)
      MyClass fieldA;

      @XStreamConverter(class=MyClassConverter.class, customTweak=false, tagName="foo")
      MyClass fieldB;

      But, if annotations were passed along, perhaps as part of the MarshallingContext, then I could write:

      MyClass fieldA;

      @MyAnno(customTweak=true, tagName="foo")
      MyClass fieldB;

      It would also be very useful in the canConvert class to get access to this data. For compatibility, you could perhaps have:

      interface ReflectiveConverter {
      canConvert(Class clazz, AccessibleObject aobject);

      and call that instead if the converter implements it.


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