About XStream version numbers...

Stable Version: 1.4.15

Maven Central Repository

XStream is published to the Maven Central Repository. Use the following Maven coordinates to add XStream to your project:


Previous Releases

Previous releases of XStream are also available. However, use of the latest stable version is recommended.

Optional Dependencies

Note, that all those dependencies can be optional. XStream uses by default the XPP API in combination with the Xpp3 implementation. Therefore are these dependencies not declared as optional in Maven. However, depending on your choice of the XML parser, you can exclude the dependencies for the XPP API (e.g. by selecting Xpp3 directly) or Xpp3 (e.g. by selecting StAX). You will then have to declare the dependencies for the alternative XML parser yourself unless you use a parser form the Java runtime.

Dependencies Hibernate Module

Dependencies JMH Module